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Sahfar IT Tech Solutions Pvt. Ltd. provides an assortment of solutions to facilitate businesses to increase their web presence. You subscribe to the Terms of Service outlined below by joining us. Kindly do not hesitate in getting in touch with us, if you have any queries or if we can be of any assistance.

Sahfar IT Tech Solutions Pvt. Ltd. offers local, national, as well as worldwide internet marketing, optimization, in addition to related solutions. As a result, we submit data to search providers on your behalf, furthermore, you must agree to our Terms and Conditions. Google, Yahoo, Craigslist, local online newspapers, Facebook, YouTube, in addition to other sites are examples of these providers.

All of these platforms’ Terms and Conditions apply. Sahfar IT Tech Solutions Pvt. Ltd. will not disclose your information with any corporation, unless it is to get internet advertising, along with marketing services for you.

Sahfar IT Tech Solutions Pvt. Ltd. has the right to publish information with reference to your company on any of the publisher, as well as search provider websites listed above, moreover, you authorise Sahfar IT Tech Solutions Pvt. Ltd. to develop content based on information, or else material provided by you or your designees, plus collected by Sahfar IT Tech Solutions Pvt. Ltd., including copies, forms, sizes, texts, graphics, as well as other elements.

Unless otherwise noted in the Project Briefs, Initial Term refers to either days (ask for details) from the Commencement Dates for SEO contracts, or else day (ask for details) for Google AdWordsTM or Social Media advertising. Payment Terms denotes to the agreed-upon schedule of payments, which the customer will make to Sahfar IT Tech Solutions Pvt. Ltd. for the provision of services, which are part of these Terms and Conditions; Services denotes the services, which Sahfar IT Tech Solutions Pvt. Ltd. at present offers, details of which can be found on the Sahfar IT Tech Solutions Pvt. Ltd.’ site, as well as the services that Sahfar IT Tech Solutions Pvt. Ltd. will provide to the Client(s) as specified in the Project Briefs.

The Agreement is by, as well as between Sahfar IT Tech Solutions Pvt. Ltd., its customers their heirs, assigns, agents, along with the contractors, together with Users of the Sahfar IT Tech Solutions Pvt. Ltd.’ website, as well as is made effectual as of the date of the electronic executions. Whenever accessing the web-portal of Sahfar IT Tech Solutions Pvt. Ltd., you concede, as well as agree that you have read, acknowledged, understood, plus agreed to be bound by the Terms & Conditions of this Agreement.



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For your ease, links to various websites are given. Sahfar IT Tech Solutions Pvt. Ltd. has zero control over the contents, or else authenticity of the data or even other materials on these other sites, as a result cannot be held liable for it. The providing of links to additional sites, unless clearly specified on this site, does not represent endorsements or approvals of that platform, or any of the items or activities on that online platform. If you possess any doubts with reference to whether services, goods, or ideas are best for you, you must get hold of independent professional counsel. Sahfar IT Tech Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is not responsible for losses or injuries incurred, as a result of your exposures to such websites or materials.

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Warranty and limitation of liability disclaimer

Sahfar IT Tech Solutions Pvt. Ltd. guarantees that the solutions delivered will match the parameters in the agreed-upon Project Briefs at the date of delivery.

Client recognises that Sahfar IT Tech Solutions Pvt. Ltd. does not guarantee or end up making any portrayals with reference to the precision of the configuration, subject matter, characteristics, functional areas, or effectiveness of web-pages generated by Sahfar IT Tech Solutions Pvt. Ltd. or any ads placed on social media platforms or otherwise, nor in relation to the exactness, expected outcomes, or serviceability of any optimization offerings we provide.

Parties acknowledge that it is exclusively their duty to examine the performance, correctness, as well as quality of web-pages generated by Sahfar IT Tech Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Sahfar IT Tech Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is not subject to liability for any malfunction to make available services due to circumstances outside its regulation, such as but not restricted to acts of God, mobile communications problems, software malfunctions, hardware malfunctions, third-party interventions, Government, major case of emergencies, or any exceptional social interruptions like as industrial strike, unrest, terrorist attacks, or military conflict, or any act as well as deletion of any third-party solutions.

Sahfar IT Tech Solutions Pvt. Ltd. acknowledges that it will not be held accountable if solutions are unavailable owing to illnesses or vacations.

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