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You can avail Digital Marketing Course if you want to be more efficient in the marketing of your business enterprise. Again to be more successful in a professional digital marketing field then a digital marketing course program is required. To know more about the different types of courses that are taught as a part of digital marketing education and the benefits of each of these programs, you need to know several points.

All courses are representing our educational unit i. e SAHFAR ACADEMY

Sahfar Academy at a Glance –

SAHFAR ACADEMY, a unit of Sahfar IT Tech Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is an advanced learning unit that aims to develop industry-ready talents for India’s rapidly growing digital sector. We are a Centre of Excellence for Advanced Learning in Digital Marketing and Digital Business. At Sahfar Academy, we aim to provide top-notch digital learning that is well catered to the needs of our students.

The question may arise, Why would you choose Sahfar Academy? The answer is – in Sahfar Academy we provide you with proper professional training from experienced trainers including one-on-one guidance, and placement preparations, and above all, you get all these at an affordable fee. After completion of courses, we provide Lifetime Support to our alumni to sort out any problem they face, which many of the other institutes do not offer. We aim to grow in this field and help you grow simultaneously. We provide our customers with full guidance in creating effective content so that they can excel in their careers or business. So don’t miss the opportunity and join us and watch all your dreams transform into reality.

We provide cutting-edge, career-oriented professional academic programs. The mission of SAHFAR Academy is to provide each student with a diverse Digital education in a safe and supportive environment that promotes values, self-discipline, self-dependent, motivation, and excellence in learning.

We can proudly say that our mentors/guides are from the best professional academic fields. We guide our students to think and solve their problems actively. In any aspect of life, every student will get lifetime support.

Course Details and Price:


Sl.No Course Name Duration Eligibility (Min) Online Fees



Masters in Entrepreneurship 12 Months Graduation 1,19,999/-


Advanced Entrepreneurship 4 Months Graduation 39,999/-


Diploma in Ethical Hacking 12 Months H.S 69,999/-


Advanced Ethical Hacking 6 Months H.S 26,999/-


Masters in Digital Marketing 7 Months H.S 30,999/-


Advanced Digital Marketing 3 Months H.S 13,999/-


Affiliate Marketing 3 Months H.S 11,999/-


Social Media Marketing 3 Months H.S 11,999/-


Advance SEO 3 Months H.S 11,999/-


Google (Ads) 3 Months H.S 6,999/-


Digital Content Writing 3 Months H.S 7,499/-


Facebook Marketing 1 Month H.S 3,999/-

13 Youtube Marketing 1 Month H.S 3,999/-


Why choose US?

SAHFAR IT Tech Solutions is a company of repute, that offers the best digital marketing solutions for its clients, at prices that are easy to afford. The company specializes in the provision of strategic business marketing guidance and advice that includes services in the area, of digital marketing and digital promotion of businesses.



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