Independent Business Consultant (IBC) Overview

Independent Business Consultant – at a glance

  • IBC (Independent Business Consultant) is an authorized person or organization of SAHFAR IT TECH SOLUTIONS Pvt. Ltd.
  • IBC works in Company`s Business Progress and Promotion with every products or services of SAHFAR IT TECH SOLUTIONS Pvt. Ltd.
  • Independent Business Consultant is a representative of company who works Independently and anywhere in India and outside of India also.
  • The payment of IBC is a certain percentage of total sales.
  • Its not a Salary Basis Job, Its a type of business. Training and related support will be provided by the company.
  • The more hard-work you do, the more you will achieve.
  • Its not about money only, but there are thousands of various achievement you can have.
  • IBC registration is valid for one year. To continue one should renew the IBC ID in every year otherwise it will Inactive
  • The payout system only depends on IBCs total sales volume, twice in a month.
  • Additional rewards, National Trips, Foreign Trips or many more gifts for IBCs will be given, depending on their yearly sales
    volume as per Company Policies.


Eligible Criteria of an Independent Business Consultant

  • Minimum qualification should be 12th Pass or equivalent.
  • Should have proper knowledge in English, National Language and Regional Language.
  • Must have Computer Basic Knowledge.
  • Should not possesses any illegal crime or anti-national activities.


Company Supports for Independent Business Consultant

  • Company Authorized ID Card.
  • Company Approved Certificate
  • 2 Pcs T-Shirt with Company Logo
  • Website Listing
  • Business Kits- (a) Note Pad, (b) Necessary Forms, (c) Pen
  • Company Prospectus
  • Leaflets
  • Business Training
  • Daily Updates